octobre 22, 2020

Le make-up d'illusion, une technique en vogue pour Halloween

Beauté. Les idées ne manquent pas pour réaliser le plus horrible des make-up d'Halloween. Sur la toile, la plus en vogue c'est la technique du maquillage d'illusion mêlant effets spéciaux et jeux de perspective...

❗Attention Vancouver people - Only a few spots left❗Wanna learn the secrets and techniques behind my makeup illusions and shock everyone with your makeup game this Halloween? ??? I'm excited to present my #makeup illusion live demo just in time for #Halloween! I will be recreating one of my iconic looks and unveiling a brand new design, answering all your questions and sharing with you my techniques in an open forum setting. Register within this week and you will receive a gift bag hand-picked with some of my favourite products. To register, send an e-mail to ➡mimichoimakeup@gmail.com⬅ (click email link under my bio) with the subject line "MIMLES LIVE DEMO" and be sure to include your full name in the body. To reserve your spot, a $75 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration via e-transfer. ________________________________________ Event details are as follows: Date: Saturday, October 21st, 2017 Time: 1PM-5PM Location: Blanche Macdonald Centre Atelier Campus - 410 Robson Street, Vancouver Cost: $150 Payment Terms: $75 non-refundable deposit due upon registration via e-transfer to mimichoimakeup@gmail.com; $75 due on day of event. Confirmation: A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within 24 hours of successful registration and receipt of deposit. _______________________________________ I look forward to meeting and sharing with you guys! ❤

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SLICED X SHIFTED FACE ?? This is #makeup • Final look of my @imatsofficial Main Stage Live Performance yesterday. Wish I had more time to bump up the highlighting and shading a little bit more after the demo for maximum effect, but this was the best I could do in 1.5 hours! I decided to change my whole concept the night before so this was actually my first time testing out this extension of my chopped face makeup. It could have gone terribly wrong so I'm glad I kinda pulled it off. ? Winging it one day at a time and pretending to be calm on the outside while screaming on the inside is my specialty. ? I'd love to first thank my talented friend @paulalanzador for assisting me on the beauty base. That was incredibly helpful and I am so grateful for our friendship. ❤️ I'd also like to thank my husband @andrewy527 for taking care of literally every aspect of my life so that I can focus on creating art everyday. ? Of course I have to thank my beautiful model @devangeselle for being there for me since the very beginning of my makeup journey. She was my first model for Battle of the Brushes in 2014 and has always believed in me since day 1, even when I didn't. Thank you to all of you amazing people who came out to say hi and watch me being awkward during my live demos today. You guys warm my heart so much and I truly appreciate every single one of you! Thanks @blancheworld -- you all know how much you mean to me. Last but not least, thank you @imatsofficial and @michaelkeyreal for having me and for letting me play all day! 4 years ago, I was admiring educators who were doing stage demos from afar and I told myself that if one day I could also do a performance on stage live, that means I am halfway there. I can't believe it happened yesterday. Thank you Universe! #IMATSVAN2017

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Hell was fun... so I came back! ?? Time to upload Halloween looks!! I get giddy at this time of the year! ? #makeupbykayem #WarmUp

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Le 31 octobre, beaucoup célèbreront, la veille de la Toussaint, Halloween. Cette fête a pour origine des fêtes païennes pratiquées par les Celtes, notamment en Irlande, aujourd'hui elle est devenue une fête populaire et commerciale. À cette occasion, la grande tradition est de revêtir des déguisements effrayants et de grimer son visage.

Alors quel maquillage adopter ? Pourquoi ne pas se laisser tenter par le make-up d'illusion caractérisé par ses effets d'optique effrayants. En la matière, les idées les plus originales viennent désormais des réseaux sociaux et, plus particulièrement, d'Instagram. Sur ce réseau social, on assiste à un véritable engouement des instagramers pour cette nouvelle tendance. 

Des maquillages bluffants qui utilisent les perspectives, superpositions, mais aussi fausses coupures ou blessures. Pour découvrir les plus belles créations, il suffit d'utiliser le hashtag #illusionmakeup.

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